Frequently asked questions

What is a recovery and how does it work?

-A recovery is a service where an agent will complete a task for a client while playing on the client’s account. It requires account login information. Once an order is placed, the order goes into a queue and is claimed by one of our highly skilled and professional agents. They will contact you and let you know when they are aiming to complete the service that was ordered and will communicate with you through to completion.

How do I know my account is secure if I order a recovery?

-Security is built into Sherpa Services’ entire operational structure. It starts with a secure payment system, and continues with our highly vetted agents and security policies that all agents must adhere to. If you order a recovery, the only individual who sees your information is the agent assigned to fulfill your order. Our agents are friendly, professional, and communicative. The security of our clients’ accounts is our #1 priority.

How do agents communicate with clients?

-As a process, our agents will always let clients know when they are logging into their accounts via the client’s preferred contact method, and keep them apprised of progress all the way through to completion of the order.

I have a quest or objective that I would like help with but I don’t see if on the product list.

-Please fill out a form under “contact us” and we will obtain a quote for you. Our agents can do it all, so even quests that are not on our standard menu are usually not a problem to quote and fulfill!

Do your agents delete or infuse anything on my account?

-Our agents will not delete anything on your account unless first approved by the customer (such as “please delete all blue armor that drops during crucible matches”, or “feel free to infuse this rocket launcher I never use into a good heavy weapon.”

Can I play on my account after I've placed an order?

-Absolutely. Clients are of course free to play on their accounts at any time, and can also let agents know when the account is open. Of course, for time sensitive orders like a Trials card, we ask our clients to make an effort to allow us to work when we have a team ready to go, but the bottom line is that we respect our clients’ wishes when it comes to playtime.

How will I be contacted about my account?

-An agent will contact you via Text > Email > (Steam/Xbox/PS4), or through social media if you choose to include that information at checkout.

Can I become an agent?

-We have a very thorough vetting process to make sure our agents are the best of the best when it comes to skill, professionalism, and respect for the client-agent relationship. If you believe you have these qualities, feel free to submit a message on the contact page and we will follow up with you about the application process!